About project

Basic information about the project

Projekt schválený v rámci Výzvy na predkladanie žiadostí o projekt na podporu inovácií a rozvoja podnikania BIN 01 financovanej z Nórskeho finančného mechanizmu 2014-2021.

Goal of the project

The aim of the project is to develop technical solutions resulting in significant reduction of energy and material consumption, capital investments and production, operational and maintenance costs in the technological process of tyre bead manufacturing by re-designing tyre bead machinery produced by the applicant

The project consist of 3 activities:

Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3

Conceptual design of unified tyre bead making machinery series

  • Design analysis of current equipment for bead winding
  • Designing scalable winding systems extending present limits
  • Unified design of wire accommodating systems
  • Comprehensive bead winding process control system

Designing energy-efficient extrusion rubberising system

  • Mathematical simulations of rubber flow in existing extrusion rubberising systems used in tyre bead making
  • Mathematical simulations of rubber flow in extrusion systems rubberising with additional means enhancing pressure generation and rubber flow evenness
  • Mathematical simulations of rubber flow in modified extrusion rubberising systems with reduced size of rubberising extruder
  • mathematical simulations of rubber flow in modified multiple extrusion rubberising sys-tems
  • Geometrical optimisation of rubberising dies
  • Virtual prototype of an optimised extrusion rubberising system (the physical prototype of the optimised extrusion rubberising system will be realised by the applicant in parallel, but out of the project)
  • Integration of the control system of the rubberising module into the comprehensive control system of the bead winding line

Implementation of Industry 4.0 principles and augmented / virtual reality

  • Creating flexible methodology of complete condition monitoring
  • Application of advanced analytical and prediction tools for analyses and interpretation of data obtained by condition monitoring
  • Data integration and visualization with hierarchical access to different categories of users
  • Implementation of augmented / virtual reality in machine operation, maintenance, staff training and customer care


The decisive outputs of the project solution will be the innovation of equipment and processes for the production of automotive tire bead ropes, mainly:

  • energy-efficient and cost-effective wire rubberizing system for the production of automotive tire treads optimized through mathematical modeling and simulations
  • extension of the range of modularity, reconfigurability and scalability of equipment for the production of automotive tire beads
  • high-performance multiposition system for simultaneous production of several beads in one winding cycle
  • optimized control of individual phases of the bead production process
  • state monitoring of production equipment and intelligent and predictive maintenance with the application of artificial intelligence tools
  • training and support modules for operation and maintenance of production equipment and customer support using virtual reality tools.